Turkey’s PM to Mubarak: democratic rules means respecting the will of the people

posted May 13, 2011, 7:34 AM by Research Assistants

by Ahmed Souaiaia

  • February 1st, 2011 4:09 pm ET

On a day when 8 million Egyptians filled the streets and public squares of major Egyptian cities demanding that Mubarak leaves the country, the Turkish prime minister made it clear that he is taking the side of the people against regimes that do not respect the will of the people.

In a televised speech to members of his ruling party, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, addressed Mubarak telling him, "Mr. Hosni Mubarak: I want to make a very sincere recommendation, a very candid warning... All of us will die and will be asked about that which have we leave behind," Erdoğan said in a televised address to members of the ruling AK Party. "As Muslims, where we all go is a two cubic meter hole," he said.

"Listen to the shouting of the people, the extremely humane demands. Without hesitation, satisfy the people's desire for change," Erdoğan said.

He added that “elections whose results are known in advance are no elections.” The prime minister has called on other Arab leaders to commit to reforms.

Saying his own Justice and Development Party, known as the AK Party, sympathized with the downtrodden, Erdoğan expressed solidarity with the Tunisians and Egyptians as their countries passed through political turmoil.

"Turkey is side by side with the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt at this critical time," Erdoğan said.

Prime minister also canceled his visit to Egypt, which was schedule for February 8-9.