Politics and Religion in the Islamic Civilization's Experience (P.R.I.C.E.)

P.R.I.C.E. is a project developed by researchers for researchers dedicated to providing reliable resources on the topic of Politics and Religion in the Islamic Civilization’s Experience from the formative period until modern time. By making documents, news and political profiles of Muslim-majority countries accessible and centralized, the contributors at PRICE hope to create a reputable source of knowledge and insight at a time when public interest in the Muslim world is constantly on the rise.

 The PRICE website will ultimately contain a multitude of resources for every country with a Muslim majority, with a special focus on elections, governance, law, and internal political dynamics. PRICE takes particular interest in how these factors unfold in the “Islamic Civilization’s Experience” – in other words, how politics and religion coexisted and influenced each other.

 PRICE makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information found in its domain. Although we cannot claim responsibility for the content found on the external links we provide (including news and government websites), the political history sections for each country are individually written by PRICE contributors, who remain solely responsible (and acknowledged) for the content.

 Islamicists and interested scholars from all academic disciplines are invited to contribute and/or archive their work on the site.

Contemporary Issues & Documents: